Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swayamvar Or Gimmick?

                                         (Image Courtesy: bollywoodhungama.com)

Welcome to the Swayamvar of our very own ‘drama queen’ Rakhi Sawant .
The show is televised on NTDV IMAGINE. God knows what went wrong with the sponsors of this show and what on earth could have made the directors and producers to direct and produce such a horrendous (hillarious it can’t be called, can’t even see humour in it ), so called Reality Show. To gain viewership? To raise TRPs (Television rating Points)?

Just before the show was about to start, Rakhi Sawant ,when interviewed by different NEWS channels said the following things :-
“…agar Sita maiya apna Swayamvar racha sakti hai to mai kyu nahin?"
“… Draupadi ne bhi to Swayamvar mein hi apna pati chuna tha aur mai bhi apne aap ko Modern Draupadi ( mind it) se kam nahin manti hu”
She even said that she wants other women to follow her footsteps…(God help them)
Again when asked about the alliances,“...mera bas chale to mai to 16 ladko se hi shadi kar lu magar kya kar sakte hain chunna to sirf ek hi ko padega na.”

Wait a minute…do you think its very easy to survive through the competition?
Absolutely not. You have to prove yourself to become dearest Rakhi’s groom.
The contestants had to go for a treasure hunt, had to walk on ramp, had to walk on fire (without burning their feet), of course had to dance with our Dancing Diva (bhai pata to chale kiske saath chemistry sabse achi hai? )

And what else could someone expect? Celebrities ki to jaise line hi lagi hai ….sab itne utawle jo ho rahe hain swayamvar ka mahaul dekhne ke liye….
Be it Neeta Lulla(Designer), Mark Robinson (Ex model), Farha Khan (Jewellery designer), Saroj Khan ( Choreographer), Gautami Gadgil ( Actress), our very own Baa ( Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi fame), Rakshandha Khan (Actress), Sakshi Tanwar (Actress)….and all of them are really very very close to our Dancing Queen you see…

So would anyone call it a Swayamwar? (who cares? Isn’t it?)
I personally feel pity for the contestants. Will it be possible for them to regain their mental balance after the show gets over? Difficult to answer.
Recently I read an article on this ‘Swayamvar talent hunt’ in which Rakhi Sawant confesses that no LEGAL CONTRACT has been signed which says that she has to marry the winner of this show. So are we suppose to expect a season 2 of this show?a

Well my advise would be while you are watching this show, for heaven’s sake keep your brains aside!


  1. this is exactly what i think about this he he reality show,jesus christ who want to marry rakhi sawant,jenet jackson is better then rakhi sawant

  2. Rakhi Sawant is the latest craze in the television circuit here today.She is the brainchild of our TRP-chasing channels.I won't talk about her appearance,her face.But I wonder if I have lost a sense of beauty.Young hunks drooling over her,she's suavely playing a siren or babbling away her steamy or "moral" gospel...these prompt a rethink on the kitsch or sleaze we are upto now.Milan Kundera sent us a signal some years back.But the program seems to be an inverse rehash of the folk tales where maidens joined in a gadarene rush hoping for the Prince's hand.Rakhi the Princess of the show,will surely be unscathed,"un-won".Because the nation still believes subliminally,inspite of a visible emotional exuberance,that those pitiable hunks deserve something more in life than Rakhi!Kiss-promoted Rakhi may well offer them the proverbial Kiss of Death!Their LRP's(Life Rating Points)are sure to sink to abyss!