Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It was not her mistake

For it was not her mistake that she was white
Neither was it his mistake that he was a black moor
But they loved each other
Loved each other like the sky loves the sea,
Like the dew drops love the leaves,
Like a bee loves the nectar……

Two bodies they were but one soul
If she was the breathe, he was the heart beating inside her
Soul mates they wanted to be for years and years
But a mere handkerchief became the reason of their demise….

 For the rapacious creature wanted to possess the white ewe
 He was the one who poisoned the Venetian moor’s mind
The moor believed every word of that man
And suspected his soul mate…..

Out of rage he went to the ewe’s bedchamber
And stabbed her to death
She wanted to say till the last moment that she was not to be blamed
But the moor did not listen to her
Yes she was dead but her innocent face wanted to tell
It was not her mistake……

Out of guilt the moor killed himself
For later he realized
It was not her mistake
And so they say love is dangerous
When you are in love you are blindfolded……..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hungry Kya?

Had a hectic schedule? Back to home after a very tiring day? And guess what? To your utter surprise no one is at home and your are hungry like anything... so here is an instant dish to satisfy your hunger...its very Easy to cook and will take only 10 minutes.
It is called Fu-Yang. Not the typical Korean/Chinese one but this is the one which came out of my experimentation.
1. 1 egg
2. Noodles/ Maggie (1/2 packet)
3. Chopped tomato (half)
4. Chopped onion (half)
5. Chopped Green Chillies (2)
6. Chilly flakes( half teaspoon)
7. Rock salt (about half teaspoon)

First of all take an egg and break it in a bowl and mix the above mentioned ingredients in it.
Take a pan and place it on your gas oven. Let it get heated for a few minutes.Then add about 2 teaspoon of refined oil and heat it. After the pan gets heated place the mixture in it, spread it like you do while making  omelette' not turn it to the opposite side until it gets golden brown in colour. Again turn the Fu-Yang three to four times (back to back) until a fried smell comes out of it.
Take it out on a plate and have it with tomato ketchup... It's absolutely yummylicious.
Try to cook this dish folks :)