Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Eye-opener

Today after college our gang of girls decided to have egg rolls. Our favourite food joint is Art of Spices and it is near our college campus. While going there we noticed a man who was eating raw pumpkin. All of us got shocked. This incident was momentary but it somehow became an eye-opener for me.
After coming back home I sat down for sometime and was thinking about the man whom I saw. It provoked me to think about the marginalised class of our country who don’t even manage to get food to feed their stomach. Forget about proper meals, they don’t even get sufficient amount of food to eat for one time a day.
Then I questioned myself that have I ever wondered about their plight and suffering?
Have I ever thought about the fact that each day these people have to struggle for their living? The answer that I got was a “NO”.
We are modern beings, and we have become so much busy in our daily lives that we do not have the time to think about ourselves or our respective families. So how can we even bother to think about the betterment of the “other” class which is also a part of our society?
To solve this problem we need to raise our collective consciousness……
To conclude I would use Derrida’s notion of “play” as form a single incident so many questions came out and this will go on and on because as Derrida said “the centre remains disrupted”.