Wednesday, July 15, 2009


"I Want To Break Free".... this song by one of my favourite bands Queen is like an Anthem for me.
Whenever I am tired, whenever I feel low, whenever I am stressed I listen to this particular song and believe me you I come down to normality.

When I heard this song for the first time, I was not able to feel the song but gradually I fell in love with the song.
This song inspires me.
In one of my earlier posts I talked about a caged bird who breaks free all the shackles so somehow when I feel like a caged bird, I listen to this track and I get so much intensified by it that literally I feel that---- "yes, I am a free bird one can stop me...I do want to break free...afterall Sky is not the limit for me...I want to fly beyond it...."

Note : To all the bloggers, this song is a must listen for I dedicate this song to you all....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swayamvar Or Gimmick?

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Welcome to the Swayamvar of our very own ‘drama queen’ Rakhi Sawant .
The show is televised on NTDV IMAGINE. God knows what went wrong with the sponsors of this show and what on earth could have made the directors and producers to direct and produce such a horrendous (hillarious it can’t be called, can’t even see humour in it ), so called Reality Show. To gain viewership? To raise TRPs (Television rating Points)?

Just before the show was about to start, Rakhi Sawant ,when interviewed by different NEWS channels said the following things :-
“…agar Sita maiya apna Swayamvar racha sakti hai to mai kyu nahin?"
“… Draupadi ne bhi to Swayamvar mein hi apna pati chuna tha aur mai bhi apne aap ko Modern Draupadi ( mind it) se kam nahin manti hu”
She even said that she wants other women to follow her footsteps…(God help them)
Again when asked about the alliances,“...mera bas chale to mai to 16 ladko se hi shadi kar lu magar kya kar sakte hain chunna to sirf ek hi ko padega na.”

Wait a minute…do you think its very easy to survive through the competition?
Absolutely not. You have to prove yourself to become dearest Rakhi’s groom.
The contestants had to go for a treasure hunt, had to walk on ramp, had to walk on fire (without burning their feet), of course had to dance with our Dancing Diva (bhai pata to chale kiske saath chemistry sabse achi hai? )

And what else could someone expect? Celebrities ki to jaise line hi lagi hai ….sab itne utawle jo ho rahe hain swayamvar ka mahaul dekhne ke liye….
Be it Neeta Lulla(Designer), Mark Robinson (Ex model), Farha Khan (Jewellery designer), Saroj Khan ( Choreographer), Gautami Gadgil ( Actress), our very own Baa ( Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi fame), Rakshandha Khan (Actress), Sakshi Tanwar (Actress)….and all of them are really very very close to our Dancing Queen you see…

So would anyone call it a Swayamwar? (who cares? Isn’t it?)
I personally feel pity for the contestants. Will it be possible for them to regain their mental balance after the show gets over? Difficult to answer.
Recently I read an article on this ‘Swayamvar talent hunt’ in which Rakhi Sawant confesses that no LEGAL CONTRACT has been signed which says that she has to marry the winner of this show. So are we suppose to expect a season 2 of this show?a

Well my advise would be while you are watching this show, for heaven’s sake keep your brains aside!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I was sitting down by my window pane. Suddenly a rain drop fell ….. I tried to catch it…but couldn’t do…I was trying to look beyond the horizons, to find a sweet escape for me. In this rainy day I wanted to break free from all the shackles. I was feeling like a caged bird who wanted to fly high in the sky … Was it a sheer imagination? Or I really wanted to do it? I was in a dilemma….
While I was thinking, I saw some children playing in the rain…I wanted to join them but I was reluctant….
I went down the memory lane of my childhood….how I used to enjoy with my lil gang…having ice creams…bhuttas ….singing and dancing …..but now I am not a child anymore…
I have grown up. Does it mean that the child within me has faded away??
I was trying to figure out an answer for this.
The answer that I got was there is still a child hidden inside me….and I instantly joined those children…. I had a great time with them…the few minutes that I enjoyed with them made me regain the zeal that I was searching for from the past few days….
While I was tapping my foot in the rainwater I felt on the top of the world…just like the free bird which broke free from the cage…
I could smell the essence of the soil which made me feel that I have reincarnated as the daughter of mother nature…..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Of late I saw a Sean Penn starrer flick called “MILK”. The narration of this film is carried out by Harvey Milk speaking into a tape recorded in 1978, dictating a letter to be read (or in this case, listened to) only in the event of his assassination. As he narrates, we catch glimpses of Milk in front of various groups, giving speeches, using attention-getting opening lines that vary with every crowd. In front of Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) crowds, he opens with "My name is Harvey Milk and I want to recruit you." In front of burly straight union workers, he opts for, "My name is Harvey Milk, and sorry I am not what you expected, but I left my high heels at home".
The film flash-forwards a little and "meet cute" turns into a relationship for Milk and Smith, with the formerly business-like Milk growing his hair long and sporting a scraggly beard. Smith gets a little mustache with a short Jack Tripper style haircut. The two drive cross country with a home movie camera, aping it up for each other, having a great time.
Milk and Smith kiss openly, excited to be in business, and the neighbor makes his displeasure known. Milk says they are opening their business and asked how they could become members of the Eureka Valley Merchant's Association. The neighbor tells them they can't become members because if they open their shop, the police will close them down. Milk says it's not against the law to open a business, and the neighbor says "There are man's laws, and there is God's law", and storms across the street back to his liquor store making it clear gay men aren't welcome in the Castro.

In a nutshell this movie portrays the story of Milk and Smith and how they fight for the rights of the Gay community. Untill I saw this movie I did not bother much about the homosexual relationships. But I was really moved by watching this movie.

Now if we talk about the western culture we can find out that western people really do not make a fuss about LGTBs . They are pretty much in favour of homosexual relationships and I think their conception make them so much different from Indians. For that matter if we talk about Indian cinema then we can see that we do have Indian movies related to homosexuality but the viewer ship is almost nil and on the other hand mostly in the minds of Indians the tagline remains “love is blind”… ironical isn’t it? If they consider love to be blind then why can’t they accept homosexuality? Gays are normal human beings like any other person then why can’t they move around freely in India?
If a person wants to spend his/her life with a person of the same sex then why does he/she have to think over it again and again? It is his / her life and only he/ she has the right to take decisions and make choices. Why do they have to answer each and everyone? And why do they have to always listen that this is against ‘the law of nature’?

Nature has not made any such kind of law it is only within the minds of people.
If I can understand the pain, the agony, the humiliation these homosexuals are undergoing,then why can’t the rest of people think likewise?
We can see a number of Gays and Lesbians especially amongst youngsters. If they go out together or hold hands then people make a fuss about it or pretend as if they are eye candies. And if we talk about students who are homosexuals, they have to give so many explanations if they want to rent a house or take Pg accommodations. The scenario is worst in India.

But the Delhi HC has finally legalised homosexual acts between consenting adults by overturning a 149 year-old law. Justice A.P. Shah and S Muralidhar declared unconstitutional a part of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) that criminalized unnatural sex.
The court held that the provision violated fundamental rights of sexual minorities to life, liberty, equality and the provision regarding prohibition of discrimination on grounds of sex.
So finally it is the time for jubilation for Gay communities. Now even they can live a carefree life.