Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well every picture tells a story... This is a photograph of sixty seven years old Jabbar Hussain who is a resident of Fatehpur and also owns a shop there. He is a cobbler. Recently i read an article on him and then i gave it a thought that why not writing about him in my blog?
This man has failed his board exams for the 44th time...can u imagine???
and that's why i have given the title of this particular blog as "Determination"...
UP board's result got declared last Saturday (30/05/2009) and this man was curious to know his result but to his disappointment he could not clear it for the 44th consecutive year..
He appeared for his first board exams in the year 1965...
and surprisingly his grandson too appeared for the board exams this year along with him and he cleared it.
The worst part about this story is that his wife divorced him just because he was immensely interested in studies.
these were the words he said when he was interviewed "I will study till my death.I will study hard for 2010 exams.I am weak in English and Science.I don't have money otherwise I would have joined a coaching institute".
His story shows us that if we are determined to do something success is sure to come our way.

Monday, June 1, 2009


The path for introspection is a voyage that extwines so many storms, tornado before the ship of self analysis finally gets ashore successfully.

It is the 'thing' that strikes an excellent equilibrium with life and makes it worth living.