Monday, December 17, 2012

A far cry

Once upon a time Gabriel heard a cry

A cry that was emancipating,

A cry that made him want her,

But his quest became relentless

He searched her everywhere

From the dense forests to the underworld;

Agast! She was nowhere.

Was she like a mist?

Or a drop of hue or an oyster deep below the ocean?

She was a mystery.

Gabriel wanted her

He became restless,

He became a wanderer;

He wanted to consummate her.

All for a cry?

But he found her

She was in 'inferno'

It was an eerie feeling when Gabriel saw her

Her soul was stuck in a mirror.

It was in unbearable pain,

Gabriel couldn't watch her in pain,

He set her free

Her soul bid adieu with a final kiss.