Sunday, July 12, 2009


I was sitting down by my window pane. Suddenly a rain drop fell ….. I tried to catch it…but couldn’t do…I was trying to look beyond the horizons, to find a sweet escape for me. In this rainy day I wanted to break free from all the shackles. I was feeling like a caged bird who wanted to fly high in the sky … Was it a sheer imagination? Or I really wanted to do it? I was in a dilemma….
While I was thinking, I saw some children playing in the rain…I wanted to join them but I was reluctant….
I went down the memory lane of my childhood….how I used to enjoy with my lil gang…having ice creams…bhuttas ….singing and dancing …..but now I am not a child anymore…
I have grown up. Does it mean that the child within me has faded away??
I was trying to figure out an answer for this.
The answer that I got was there is still a child hidden inside me….and I instantly joined those children…. I had a great time with them…the few minutes that I enjoyed with them made me regain the zeal that I was searching for from the past few days….
While I was tapping my foot in the rainwater I felt on the top of the world…just like the free bird which broke free from the cage…
I could smell the essence of the soil which made me feel that I have reincarnated as the daughter of mother nature…..


  1. Yeah...rains can do wonders!!
    Lovely post!

  2. Rain creates such a lovely n romantic ambiance that somehow it transports & enraptures u 2 delightful places by way of imagination… like Shilpa says in the previous comment...rain can do wonders....!!!
    well written...!!!

  3. We will remain wat we were born as no matter how many different protocols this world wants us to follow..... born as a free bird... and die as one... nothing has changed only the perception... or rather we are in a state of being able to give judgments.... nicely presented....