Monday, June 20, 2011

Shards of a mirror

Gullible she was

The only thing she wanted was to resonate;

Resonate to her love,

It meant the world to her

The world, where she had no boundaries

She was a free bird.

She wanted to be his queen

But her only mistake---she was not as the Helen of Troy.

What beauty had to do with sanity?

She only wanted to succumb to her love.

Aghast! He did not turn out to be the knight whom she dreamt of

In the disguise of a knight, he was a beast

Yes, a beast who would do anything but to consummate her soul

She was a mere sacrificial lamb for him

He never loved her.

When she understood his vested motive,

Her life became like the shards of a mirror.

She was killed by degrees

For her beloved did not deserve her.

But it was too late for her to have her say

The final words she uttered ---- “my soul will haunt you, you are responsible for my death”.

1 comment:

  1. The beast reposes in his lair
    Surrounded by scurrying shadows
    His lips curl into a smile
    And his eyes glint
    Her spirit looms over him
    And he sits back, arms outstretched
    The shadows come together
    They are all ghosts of his past sins
    He stares patiently, without remorse
    Her heart sinks as he laughs
    “You thought you were the only one?”