Saturday, October 9, 2010


This quest gorges my soul
A quest searching light
A quest that searches me too

This quest will not make me an overreacher,
I’ll be no Faustus seeking light and the dark beyond
I’ll not plunge into that eternal damnation, into darkening of the soul!
I’ll be a wanderer rendering thoughts, blending minds.

My quest is the one which will burn the dim flickers with light
A quest that will see me bind hearts
A quest that will help light hang in hearts and trees
A quest which will see hearts blend into a living Heart

And to make a difference
I want to follow the path of that light
Without this light my life will grope in the murk I distantly see
I now see that light loom.
Is it this that I seek?
Light takes over me….
My quest will continue.

1 comment:

  1. yes so will mine...for my light tinkles, my limbs creep on, rest is ancient piece of utopian quest heave, breathe and keep moving on